Streamlining Stop Loss Claims, Evaluate Risks

. . . As you likely know, offering some type of claim analytics package to your clients has become an industry standard.  Why not actually get something out of it for yourself?  After all, you are likely having to pay some of the costs.  Check out the recorded demo below for more details.

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Captives Have A Tough Job

Among all of your ‘jobs’, one of the main ones is certainly to keep your benefit broker partners happy.  You also would probably like to streamline the way you submit RFP’s & get assistance with filing stop loss claims.  Yeah . . . we do all of that.

  • Write more business by giving broker the reporting they want
  • Streamline RFP submissions
  • Custom dashboards to track all of your metrics
  • Trigger diagnosis reporting 
  • Stop loss claim filing automation
  • Reporting fully branded to your colors, logo
  • Risk tools such as population health, gaps in care and analytics
  • Large claim tracking
  • Full reinsurance contract integration, including lasers, aggregating specific contracts, level funded and more
  • Track reinsurance carrier loss ratios
  • Block of business pricing available